“Hi my name is Carrie. I have spent the last 14 years dating people from on line! I think I met every loser in the book! I met one after another of men really looking for sex! At my age you would have thought men had out grown that mentality!!!

I got a flyer from Rhode Island Singles in the mail. I figured I'd call and see what it was about. I made an appointment to schedule an interview. The interview was very thorough!! I was asked intimate questions.

The first man they sent me was my soulmate!!! We are engaged to be married next year! He was nothing like any man I had ever met!!! We instantly clicked!!! It was that just knowing he was right for me!!! We love each other immensely!!!!

Try the Matchmakers they know what they are doing!!! I am forever grateful to them for my wonderful man!!!!!”

-- Carrie

Disclaimer: Finding a soulmate on the first match is unusual. It can happen, but it's more typical for our process to work over several matches.