Success Stories

“Dating is definitely a journey, yet when you meet that special someone it is so worth it. I was feeling discouraged with my previous matches yet the RI Singles team did not give up. When they matched me with John, I had many reservations distance, age difference, and he rode motorcycles to name a few. Luckily, I kept an open mind and met with John. I knew on our first date there was a common ground that we both shared. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love at my age and feel like a teen again. Yet, thanks to RI Singles it happened!

John and I are very much in love and compatible. We spend every weekend together and truly love being with each other. I have learned to love being his 'biker chick' while riding with him on his motorcycle, a true passion for both of us. In our growing relationship, we have found purpose and hope, both of which we lacked after the death of our beloved spouses. Neither one of us ever thought we would find that special someone again.

Without RI Singles we would never have found each other. Our future is waiting. I recommend RI Singles to anyone who is ready to find their special someone. Many thanks for helping me and John create a new chapter in our life and in our love story. We will be forever grateful.” - Barbara

“... Without RI Singles we would never have found each other. Our future is waiting ...”

Other Success Stories

“One of the smartest things I've done in my life...”

“I was seventy-six and recently moved to Rhode Island to be close to my daughter after my wife passed. I was OK living alone, but I wanted to share my love of golf with a similarly inclined lady. I had tried online sites with very disappointing results, thought of joining a high end country club, and knew hanging out in cocktail lounges wasn't going to produce the results I desired. Cruising the net one day I came across Rhode Island Singles and figured why not see what they can do. I filled out their form with very low expectations. Was I ever surprised when, within a day, I received a call from a RI Singles representative to set up an appointment for an interview.

At the interview I was encouraged to open up about who I was and what I wanted in a relationship. At the end of the interview I was hooked and signed up. Though indicating it might take some time, and I might go through several possibilities before finding the right golfing companion, within a week Ri Singles had found someone they thought just might work. Well, it wasn't right and, frankly, I was disappointed she didn't play golf. Was RI-Singles really listening to what I wanted? A few weeks went by and I was again called to meet someone else. She didn't play golf either, but the lunch we shared upon first meeting went on and on and on. She was attractive, funny, totally comfortable in who she was and a hoot to be with. We decided to try dinner next, then a musical, then dance lessons and, before we both knew it, we knew we didn't really care about meeting anybody else. RI-Singles, by interviewing me as extensively as they did and calling upon their own experienced finding compatible relationships, knew golf might have been important but that chemistry was far more important...and wow was the chemistry there. So take a chance, sign up with them, and hang on for what might be the best decision you ever made in your life. And, miracle of miracles, my new lady friend is now taking golf lessons and can't wait to get on a course with me.” - Samuel

Disclaimer: Finding a soulmate on the first match is unusual. It can happen, but it's more typical for our process to work over several matches.

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